Building The Perfect Treehouse

When building a treehouse, whether it’s for your children or yourself, you can’t simply grab an axe and start chopping away at some logs – and that’s certainly not what we ever do. There are many things that you need to consider beforehand.

Tree damage should be avoided wherever possible. Although it’s sometimes impossible to build a treehouse without some fixings being attached to the trunk, more often than not our treehouses require no permanent fixings on the tree at all. This means no damage to the tree itself – how great is that?!

Another thing that you need to think of is the growth of the tree. Will the trees growth affect your treehouse stability for example?

Respect The Tree

Having a treehouse is a dream for many children and even adults. That being said, the structure may bring you joy, but it’s important to consider the tree itself. You need to remember that a tree is a living organism just like we are. The fact that you will have to nail or cut tree’s branches can reduce its lifespan significantly if you don’t do it right. Our team are trained professionals and have years of experience working with trees and building treehouses – if you’re at all unsure, seek the help of a friendly team.

Nails and bolts are needed in order to construct a treehouse, but there are often ways of leaving the tree itself 100% intact. “How?” you ask when these are two of the main things that can wound a tree… Time, consideration and planning are key elements of our process that allows us to ensure all trees are taken care of every step of the way, often avoiding any use of the tree itself as a support.

You need to know the right method of how to take care of a tree and how to build a treehouse. With the appropriate care and equipment, you can reduce the chances of damaging your precious tree while also gaining a great treehouse for everyone in the family to enjoy.