Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Reasons Why You Should Choose A Treehouse Over A Holiday

With the light at the end of the tunnel finally being (somewhat) visible we know families across the country are starting to think about their summer holiday. Most people are in need of a break but have you considered a Treehouse? Whilst this might just sound like a unique way to relax it’s also an eco-friendly and sustainable option that will allow you the freedom to take a break whenever you need it, after all, a treehouse can be built in your garden ready just a few steps away!

Why get a treehouse from us?

Treehouses built by Cheeky Monkey Treehouses are designed to fit their surroundings creating a seamless balance between nature and architecture. If you think treehouses are only for those wanting to get back to nature and live minimally you are wrong! Whilst many treehouses do offer that experience, treehouses can be designed with amenities like running water, electricity, wifi and anything else you can imagine, helping make your treehouse a dream place for you to spend time with your family.

What are the benefits?

Not only will getting a treehouse ensure that this year you can have a great summer with time together as a family regardless of the situation, but you can also enjoy your new treehouse for years to come! Your family will enjoy getting back to nature from exploring in the forest or walking in open fields. People of all ages can reap the benefits of being outdoors, including increased mental wellbeing and stimulation to keep your mind active.

You and your family can work with our specialists to design something for everyone to enjoy, with added features like a slide or rope bridge for the kids and space to entertain guests for teens and adults. Whatever you want our team can help bring to life.