The Benefits of Building Eco-friendly Treehouses For Your Kids

In a digital world, most children spend their free time playing video games or entertaining themselves by binge-watching their favourite Saturday morning shows on Netflix. Many children today are less likely interested in outdoor activities during their play hours, and it can negatively impact a child’s physical and mental health.

While some video games can improve children’s problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination, encouraging them to balance their time through screen-free activities outdoors can help challenge their creativity, sharpen their social skills, and develop an appreciation for nature early while they’re still young.

To help initiate your kids to participate in outdoor activities, building an eco-friendly treehouse can be one of the best ways to stimulate their interest and serve as a fun, hang-out spot for your kids and their friends.

Not only that but allowing them to participate or see the process can even help kids learn how natural shelters can be constructed, making it an enjoyable past-time and bonding moment for you and your children. In that regard, you’ll find the benefits of having an eco-friendly treehouse for kids below:

Benefit #1: Increased Outdoor Activities

The very presence of an eco-friendly treehouse can make the great outdoors more appealing to children as they will have a place to call their own. It also encourages them to step out of the house and engage in physical activity, from climbing up and down ladders, pulling up supplies using a bucket-on-pulley, to fighting off imaginary hordes invasion from your neighbours.

Not only will this benefit for their physical health, but it can also help develop their imagination and exercise a healthy approach to risk-taking and free play. Seeing as there are still potential hazards when it comes to treehouses, your kids can learn how to identify dangers, conquer fears, create solutions, and practice safety measures to make the most out of their unstructured playtime.

Their involvement with outdoor activities can also ultimately sharpen their critical thinking skills and enhance their energy level in a productive and friendly manner.

Benefit #2: Improve Social Skills and Learn How to be Collaborative

Without the screen to get in the way of their social time with friends, kids are left to their own devices and imagination when hanging out in a treehouse. When children play together in a treehouse, it helps develop their communicative skills as it is needed to help create a fun-filled, imaginative ambience.

From playing house to ruling a make-believe realm together, your kids will come out better as a team player day by day. It also encourages them to spend more intimate moments with their friends as they are forced to establish conversations, which can help build confidence in kids who may find social gatherings difficult.

Benefit #3: Learn to Connect with Nature

Nature is often used in therapies to alleviate symptoms of seasonal affect disorder (SAD) for both children and adults alike. In that regard, your kids can learn to appreciate nature versus those who stay indoors for the better part of their lives, which may lead to insensitivity for the importance of plant life to the world.

More importantly, sitting in a treehouse or just lounging outside exudes a calming effect that can help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and help with other mental health problems.

If you’re looking to save time & have your treehouse built safely, get in touch with Cheeky Monkey Treehouses today! We’re happy to help make a treehouse that’s perfect for your home.