Family activities with a difference

Family time is important, and whilst it might look a little different at the moment, there are still plenty of things you can do together. Spending time as a family and enjoying the outdoors can help you manage your mental wellbeing and put you all in a positive mindset. If you’d like to read more about these benefits take a look at our previous post all about nature and wellness


Keep reading for our 5 top suggestions of things to do while the world’s a little different.

Go on a scavenger hunt!

Taking a family walk might not seem like an enjoyable activity especially since we know little ones aren’t always that patient. But you can make it into a game by having a checklist of items that everyone needs to find! You could go one step further and use these items in arts and craft activities once you are home. What about painting with resources you find like leaves and sticks or turning pine cones into a Christmas tree decoration?


Teach your kids how to cook/bake

If you have children around the ages of 8 – 12 why not use the extra time at home together to teach them some valuable life skills? From preparing different types of eggs, cutting fruits and vegetables or baking some sweet treats there are lots of different opportunities for learning in the kitchen. 


There are lots of simple things that can be made and your kids will take pride in their creations. 


Create a movie-night jar

Get the family to write down their favourite movies on a piece of paper and fold them into a jar. Then when it’s time to watch a movie you can pick a random one from the jar, no need to argue over something on Netflix again! Plus it gives everyone a turn to watch what they want! This is a great way to snuggle down altogether, drink hot chocolate and eat your favourite snacks together as a family. 

Utilise your garden! 

Use imaginative play to grow your child’s skills and have fun together. You can use play equipment such as a swing set, slide or even your own custom made treehouse! Your treehouse can be designed with your family in mind with added extras to suit their style of play. Plus they don’t just have to be for kids. Cheeky Monkey Treehouses can be designed for teens and adults too!


There are so many activities that can still be enjoyed as a family from home this lockdown so make the most of the unprecedented time together and look after your mental health.