How nature and the outdoors can provide wellness benefits to everyone

Nature is beautiful and spending time enjoying the outdoors can have amazing benefits on your mental wellbeing. Spending time in a treehouse can tick a lot (if not all of) these boxes too!

These benefits can be felt by all ages meaning everyone in the family will feel great after spending time outdoors. Here are 5 benefits you and your family can experience whilst exploring nature.

Firstly, nature has healing powers – it’s proven that spending time in nature reduces stress, anger and fear all whilst releasing positive emotions that boost our mood and help us to feel energised. Even being around nature has similar effects, these findings have contributed to the millennial trend of having plants indoors.

Nature can also be a great way to distract our minds from the negativity or worries that we are dealing with. Going for a walk to listen to music, people watch or just wander peacefully are all great ways to include self-care into your weekly routine and feel relaxed as a result.

Of course, the benefits of being outdoors in nature aren’t all mental, there are physical benefits too. These can include reduced blood pressure, relieving muscle tension and reducing your heart rate – all of which can help you live a longer, healthier life giving you more time to enjoy the good things like your loving family.

When it comes to children, there are so many benefits of allowing your child to spend time in nature. Forest schools are particularly popular for the same reasons but you don’t have to wait for a school trip to enable your child to build these mental and physical skills. These skills include; confidence, creativity, imagination and responsibility. Taking kids to green spaces also provides simulation – even more so than the video games or TV shows they enjoy – 4 senses can be active whilst exploring nature (smell, touch, sound and sight).

Read more about the benefits of getting a treehouse for your children here.

Finally, being out in nature allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends which enables you to create great memories and build strong relationships with them. If you are looking for ways to reconnect with your family try exploring the local green spaces and making an adventure out of the natural environment near you.

There are so many more benefits to being outside in nature, if you are wanting to get these benefits a little closer to home why not have a treehouse built in your garden. Cheeky Monkey Treehouses builds with materials that fit the natural surroundings meaning you can continue to feel positive whilst surrounded by nature all within your own garden.