Building a Treehouse That Lasts

A common dream shared among people of all ages, regardless of where they are or where they’re from, is to have a treehouse. Growing up many of us have stared at large trees thinking, “living up there would probably be really cool.”. Perhaps we still do now.

Turning your dreams into reality, however, doesn’t have to be a far-fetched idea. Treehouses have proved to be proper investments that you could make in your free time. As new ways of maximising residential space have been coming up in light of higher housing market prices, building the perfect treehouse has evolved from a simple childhood aspiration to a new approach to garden construction.

However, building your own treehouse comes with its own set of challenges that could make the seemingly-simple task much more complicated than expected. Building your own treetop getaway requires having to make sure that your treehouse can stand all kinds of harsh weather conditions, such as hard rain and even snowstorms. With the right help and skill, your treehouse can stand the test of time and even be the start for sustainable, space-saving, and environmentally-friendly fun and living if desired.

Typically, an average treehouse is expected to last more than 25 years at least if built right. It can last even longer depending on other factors like construction techniques applied, continuous maintenance, treehouse material quality, and the environmental conditions it will have to deal with.

In order to build a treehouse that could last for ages, we’ve prepared a few steps to note when creating a treetop residence of your dreams:

1. Go for quality materials

One common mistake made by aspiring treehouse builders is that they opt for materials that they see as a bargain. Many can’t resist these deals. However, going for materials with lower quality could compromise the build quality of your entire treehouse.

Choosing cheaper materials could mean having to take down your treehouse after a short period of time out of the concern for its safety. Coming up with a quality treehouse that can last through time means having to invest in high-quality materials that could last many years down the road. This is what we do at Cheeky Monkey Treehouses. We choose to use only the highest quality of materials to ensure longevity in the structure and life of your treehouse.

2. Be flexible in your search for materials

Going through online forums and pages to find treehouse materials, reclaimed houses and barns, warehouses, and even junkyards could help in finding quality materials at significantly lower prices that no amount of haggling at the hardware store or going for a “buy 2 get 2” promo could ever replicate. Don’t be afraid to ask around online and in real life for a deal on any kind of material you’re getting – whether it’s wood, doors, hinges, or window fittings. You never know when you might be able to find a good deal by simply asking for one or bartering to a price you and the seller can agree on.

At Cheeky Monkey Treehouses we have a network of trusted suppliers that we rely on to provide you with the highest quality of materials for use in our treehouse builds.

3. Maintain your treehouse regularly

Aside from building a treehouse with the right skills (feel free to talk to us today) and the proper materials, the secret to treehouse longevity is properly maintaining it regularly. Contrary to popular belief, a treehouse also has materials that require a quick tuneup or maintenance. This is a good habit and practice that could make a difference between having a treehouse that will last for centuries and one that won’t make it past a few years.

If you’re looking to save time & have your treehouse built safely and professionaly, get in touch with Cheeky Monkey Treehouses today! We’re happy to help make a treehouse that’s perfect for your home.