5 Reasons why a glamping trip makes the perfect staycation

This year travelling abroad with your family might not be a viable option and therefore as the summer season gets well underway many are seeking for a staycation alternative. A staycation has many appealing factors even when foreign travel is an easy option. You don’t have to worry about language barriers, cuisine options for picky eaters and in many cases you can take your own car which doesn’t restrict your luggage allowance. There are plenty of different types of staycations you can choose from this summer but one of our top picks is a glamping trip. Glamping is a great way to get back to nature and enjoy some family time together keep reading for 5 reasons why a glamping trip makes the perfect staycation.

Perfect for the entire family

A staycation puts a modern, luxurious spin on traditional camping and gives your entire family access to all the amenities they could need including wifi, a comfy bed and running water. There are so many benefits to being outdoors and surrounded by nature for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking to entertain toddlers or teens you can rest assured that glamping can keep everyone entertained. Some locations will even have extra amenities such as an arcade, gym or playground allowing everyone to get involved with something they enjoy. And, thanks to a wifi connection, your teens can still Tweet, Instagram and Tik Tok meaning no moody teens ruining the trip – double win!

All budget-friendly

Whatever you choose to spend on your family holiday glamping can accommodate you and your family. There are so many providers who offer a wide variety of packages which means you’re in control of what you get for your money. Want something with a little extra luxury? Some locations have glamping pods with their own private hot tubs! Need to keep the budget low to enable the whole family to come along? No worries there will still be plenty of choice in regards to where you go this summer!

Forest school benefits for kids

Kids and toddlers love exploring the outdoor world, there is so much stimulation and many skills to be learnt. Forest schools are something you may already be familiar with but if not they are an opportunity for pupils to visit natural spaces to learn personal, social and technical skills. Whilst a staycation wouldn’t be an educational trip there are still many lessons that can be learnt all of which will give young ones transferable skills for the future. You can plan activities like a scavenger hunt for natural objects or create pieces of art using things you find whilst exploring nature with the kids – all things that will create lasting family memories.

Eat your way

One of the most difficult things about going abroad can often be eating schedules of the hotel versus your family. With glamping, you can choose a location that has a built-in kitchen enabling you to serve meals that suit the times you like to eat and cater to the picky eating habits we know kids often have. Of course, you can pick a location that also has food facilities so you really do have the best of both worlds!

It’s unique and will be a great experience

Glamping is something unique and different from a typical family holiday abroad opening you and your family up to new experiences that will ultimately bring you closer and create new memories. Whether you learn to love nature, enjoy the sound of birds in the morning or just appreciate the time you have all together there are so many great things you’ll get from choosing to go glamping this summer!

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