What makes a great tree house!?

If you could design your own tree house what would it incorporate and what additions would you have to make it a great hide away? The Cheeky Monkey Treehouse Team take you through theirs.

1. Location location location! Number one would have to be the location, somewhere away from the built environment and man made noises.


2. A sturdy tree! The height of a tree is important but to get a real feeling of escapism you need a tree that can support as much as the tree house structure as possible, it will also create the effect that it is perched up in a tree.

3. A rope bridge. No tree house can be complete without an adventerous ricketty (but safe) rope bridge.


4. A crow’s nest as we call it is the ideal look out tower, this neat little addition if perfect to get up to the tree tops.

5. A secret hatch to enter and exit your tree house is ideal, even better if you have a rope ladder attached.

6. A zip-wire is an essential for the quick assent from the tree’s – the longer the better!


7. Weather proof. Back to the more sensible aspects but still you want to be able to use your tree house all year round, make sure you make it water tight and then you can start furnishing it to make feel even more homely.

8. A swing bench or Hammock wouldn’t go a miss either!

9. Every tree house needs a name, whether it is a play on the owners name or the little sibbling of a large country house, an identity would finish it off quite nicely.

10. A lock & Key! You don’t want everyone to enjoy your hide away. It is your tree house after all!


What makes your perfect tree top hideaway?